About NYDJ

Sydney Street is the leading Australian stockist of NYDJ (aka Not Your Daughter's Jeans).
At NYDJ it all starts and ends with fit. Our jeans are not just extremely comfortable, but are actually designed to flatter every figure and to make women look and feel amazing. And it gets even better; all NYDJ jeans and trousers come with our famous look-one-size-smaller fit.
Want to know the secret behind our jeans? It’s all in our exclusive Lift Tuck® Technology that flattens in the front and contours your curves for a beautiful silhouette. It works so well that we even encourage women to wear our jeans one size smaller than they normally do.
Contoured waist 
The rise hits high at the natural waist to provide not only a slimmer silhouette, but also comfort. The unique high and flexible waistband is stitched to the jeans diagonally, which prevents gaping at the back, while offering maximum comfort and flexibility at the same time.
Look for the 'X' 
NYDJ's unique criss-cross panel flattens in the front, making you look and feel a size smaller. These special slimming panels are exclusive to NYDJ and can be identified by our signature criss-cross stitching. You can find the patented criss-cross panel design on the inside of every pair of NYDJs.
Innovative fabrics
NYDJ uses high-quality fabrics with just the right amount of stretch to provide incredible comfort and ease of movement, without losing shape. Next to our famous premium denim we offer different types of innovative fabrics that meet the needs of women all around the world. They all have their own unique characteristics to ensure the perfect fit, such as an extremely soft feel, amazing recovery and a sculpting effect.
Lifting effect
The strategically placed back pockets paired with a special weaving technique, which ensures that the jeans don’t stretch vertically, provide a lifting effect at the back. 
Wash and care
To get the most wear out of your NYDJ denim, always follow the care instructions provided on the tag inside your jeans. Follow these easy steps to give your jeans the best care:
  • Keep washing to a minimum, and launder jeans only once or twice a month. It’s best to wash jeans by hand, using a mild liquid detergent; however, you may also machine-wash, using a cold-water setting.
  • Wash dark denim before the first wear to prevent dyes from bleeding or “crocking.”
  • Turn your jeans inside out before you wash them.
  • Air-dry the jeans flat to retain their shape.
  • A special process was used to create your NYDJ denim. Take care around light-colored items, as the denim color may transfer. To avoid any color bleeding or fading, we suggest washing and soaking your NYDJ jeans before your first wear to lock in its original denim color.
  • Denim materials are subject to variations, which contribute to the natural beauty of the fabric. Due to the special design of most styles, no two are identical.
  • If you think your jeans need to be hemmed, wash them first. Denim tends to shrink lengthwise, and hemming beforehand can leave you with unexpectedly short jeans.