The Benefits Of Polyester

Polyester is the perfect fabric for the busy woman. It is affordable, durable and easy to care for. It perfectly fits the Philosophy Australia design ethos of "easy wear, easy care".

Polyesters are made using naturally occurring chemicals, such as the cutin of plant cuticles as well as synthetics. It can be easily used in all types of clothing and is often blended with other fibres.

We use it to display our prints due to its high sun resistance, as the print won't fade and will stay vibrant.

Polyester is a reliably endurable fabric, and very easy to care for. It is moisture resistant, so if you accidentally spill something on it, it won't stain. Additionally, it can be thrown in the wash or dry cleaned without any worry, and also dries quickly. Due to its strong nature, it doesn't usually require any ironing and resists shrinking.

We love polyester because it is:

  • strong
  • flexible
  • dries quickly
  • resists wrinkles and shrinking
  • brilliant prints
  • sun resistant; doesn't fade
  • easy care, machine washable and no ironing needed
  • doesn't stain

Polyester is often blended with cotton. This combination is the best of both worlds, with the durability and easy care of polyester combined with the breathability of cotton.

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