The Benefits Of Linen

With summer at our doorstep, let us tell you a bit more about linen summer clothes. Linen fabric has many attractive properties and all of them are most easily appreciated when wearing linen clothing. And we are not exaggerating when we say that linen tunics, pants, shirts or blouses are really irreplaceable in summer, when travelling and/or in hot and humid climate.  

The main benefit of linen clothes in hot weather is the coolness they provide. Thanks to the weave and linen fibre specifics linen fabric allows more airflow and it’s structure means it stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body. Linen is a “stiff” fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin; when it billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again. Summer clothes made of linen possess high air permeability, which allows air to flow through the fabric easily and allows the body to breathe.

  • 2-3 times stronger and smoother than cotton fabric


  • Weave of linen fibers allows for airflow which keeps clothing away from the skin


  • Anti-cling & anti-static – fabric billows out away from the body to dry out moisture & become cool again


  • Air permeability allows body to breathe


  • Quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture – acts like a cooling system (Can absorb 1/5 of its weight)


  • Allows heat to escape, improving cooling system


  • Shading properties from sun/heat


  • Those wearing linen feel 3-4 degrees cooler than those in silk or cotton & perspire 1.5 times less

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