Our Top Six New Years Fashion Resolutions

Our Top Six New Year's Fashion Resolutions

Happy new year to you! Now that 2020 has arrived, everyone is starting their New Year's resolutions. Most are to hit the gym more or drink less alcohol or something to that extent. But how about also adding some fashion resolutions into the mix to make sure you have the most stylish year yet.


Do a full wardrobe clean-out. Anything you haven't worn in the last year goes. Why not help the recent bushfire victims & find out where you can donate your clothing to assist your local community.


Appreciate the essentials. It may be the year to try new things, but infuse them into your look one at a time, taking care to build your 2020 wardrobe of essentials first, head-turning trends second.


Most of us have amazing pieces in our wardrobes that we never wear. This year, create looks that you haven't worn before. Mix and match patterns, textures & accessories to put together new looks with pieces you have.


Make a conscious effort to get dressed and look your best every single day. Put thought into your outfits, plan them out and wear them with confidence. Even if it's just to run errands, try a  new look that has been in your wardrobe.


We all have our go-to colours. For me, it's black and grey. This year, try to add some more colours to your wardrobe. The colour of the year is ‘Classic Blue’


And last but not least, book a complimentary styling appointment with one of our experienced fashion stylists at our Kent Town store - 22 King William St. If you are not local, you are welcome to call (08) 8465 6600 for assistance.  

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