NYDJ Denim Care Guide


Wash tips

  • Do not wash clothes unnecessarily
    It is often sufficient to air the clothing and to brush it off.

  • Choose a lower temperature
    NYDJ always indicates on the washing instructions the highest temperature the clothes can be washed at but preferably wash at a lower temperature to save energy. Most detergents are just as effective at lower temperatures. NYDJ recommends that you always wash heavily soiled clothing at the highest permissible temperature. Make sure that you do not wash clothes at a higher temperature than indicated on the washing instructions.

  • Avoid chemical cleaning
    Chemical cleaning is a process in which clothes are cleaned by means of an organic solvent. These solvents are harmful if they get end up in the environment.

  • Hang your washing up to dry
    Hang your clothes to dry rather than using a dryer. Using a dryer can be harmful for the quality of your clothing. For example, spandex may be harmed as result of the hot, dry air resulting in the familiar wavy and stretched-looking fabric.

Washing instructions

You can rely on receiving top-quality items when you buy clothes at NYDJ. To keep the clothes looking new for longer, we have some helpful tips for you.

  • Denim 
    Wash and iron jeans inside out to preserve the colour. Remove them from the washing machine as quickly as possible at the end of the washing cycle in order to prevent faded wrinkles appearing in the fabric.
    Denim owes its unique character to a special dyeing process. This also means residual colour pigments on the fabric surface could run. It might help to dip the trousers in lukewarm water with a little bit of vinegar. Then wash the jeans by following the washing instructions. If the colour still runs repeat the washing instructions one more time.

  • Coated denim 
    The best way to keep your coated jeans looking great as long as possible is soaking them in cold water for ten minutes. Lay the jeans out on a flat surface until they’re dry. This keeps the coating from wearing. It’s also possible to wash the jeans according to the instructions on the label but this can make the coating wear faster.

  • Details 
    Close zippers before washing. Always wash jeans with studs, rhinestones or other items by hand. This is better for the jeans and helps to preserve these items. Studs, beads etc. may fall off during washing or wearing. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee for this.

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