Nautical Styling Notes - How To Wear It Right

Nautical style is all about fabrics and cuts that are fresh, comfortable and natural, so it has a sure place in the wardrobe of every fashionista: it always works, it always looks good, and there’s always a good excuse to wear it. And it suits all ages & body shapes. Of course, with summer on the horizon there’s no better time to dive right into seafaring style.

All Aboard! Although the navy aesthetic is meant to be simple, clean and natural, it can be easy to go overboard – but we can help you avoid looking like a nautical cliché.

The key to nailing the current look is to find new ways of wearing the trend, putting a fresh or modern twist on the classic garments. Take the striped shirt: try pairing it with jeans or white trousers and your favourite sandals, but instead of standard navy blue, opt for striped shirts with stripes in other colours that pop, or with a different neckline.

Although navy blue, white & red are typical of nautical fashion, they don’t have to be the only colours you use – don’t limit yourself. Play with the colour palette and mix different fabrics and vibrant prints. You’re sure to be turning heads. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to achieve a nautical outfit – start with the basics, and from there. Experiment! Add basic maritime-inspired pieces to your wardrobe, that you can then combine with other bottoms, tops and prints.




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