Find the perfect jeans for your body type

A large bottom, a flat backside or wide and short legs aren’t necessarily problematic. With the right jeans you can minimise your ‘flaws’ and accentuate your strong points. But what style is best for your body type? To help you find the perfect jeans we’ll describe the most common ‘problem zones’ and the jeans that hide them:

A large bottom 

Draw attention away from your large backside by wearing plain, dark jeans. Avoiding jeans with rhinestones and other decorations on the back pockets has the same effect. Are you proud of your bottom and would you like to draw attention to it? Choose trousers with a light wash, details on the back pockets or a fun print. If you have a large bottom it’s essential that jeans aren’t too tight, so pick jeans with lots of stretch.

A flat backside 

If you’d like your bottom to look fuller, opt for jeans with a light wash around the back pockets. Bright stitching, rhinestones and other details also create more volume. Would you prefer to draw the attention away from your backside? In that case, choose dark jeans. You could also opt for a longer top or blouse, keeping your backside entirely hidden from sight.

Short legs 

For women with short legs, plain jeans are the best option. These redirect the attention. Would you like to make your legs look longer? Go for a vertical striped pattern or a wash that continues for the whole length of the leg. Bootcut designs will make your legs look longer in an instant. Pair with high heels in a similar colour for the best effect.

Long legs 

Are you blessed with long legs? Lucky you, almost all jeans suit you! Bootcut jeans will make your legs look even longer in no time. This style is fitted on the upper legs and has more volume around the calves, making your legs look slimmer. Would you prefer to draw the attention away from your long legs? In that case, try ankle jeans or boyfriend jeans!

Wide legs 

If your legs are rather wide the best option is a pair of dark, plain jeans without too much detail. Dark colours will make you look slimmer! Light washes on your upper legs and bright prints will make your legs look bigger. Of course, there’s no need to throw away all your bright-coloured trousers. When wearing light jeans, pair them with a top with an eye-catching print. Tip: opt for slim fitting jeans with plenty of stretch so they’re not too snug in the wrong places.

Slim legs 

Proud of your lovely slim legs? Go for slim-fitting jeans in a light wash. Pair with some high heels and your super model legs are born. Create more volume by choosing jeans in a bright colour or print. Loose-fitting styles and light washes also create more volume and more feminine curves.

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