Backsides - Let's Figure It Out

Are you blessed with a firm bottom or is your backside of a more modest variety? Whatever shape your backside is, with the right jeans you can give your behind a boost or help to change the focus. Because we know how hard it can be to find jeans that fit well, we’d love to help you. Find your perfect fit in no time with our practical tips & tricks.

A flat or small backside
Would you like to make your bottom look a bit bigger? Or would you prefer to accentuate your modest backside? The right pair of jeans can help you do this:

Make your bottom appear fuller by choosing jeans with a light wash on the back pockets. This optically enlarges your backside. Want to draw even more attention to your behind? Choose jeans with stitching or embellishments on the back pockets. A high waist is also a good option for those with a smaller backside, as it provides more volume around the bottom and hips.

Would you prefer to direct attention away from your backside? Pick a dark pair of jeans, so that the focus isn’t on your bottom. You could also opt for a longer top or blouse, keeping your backside entirely hidden from sight.

In general we advise against boyfriend style or loose-fitting jeans. These make your backside disappear entirely. So what jeans or trousers are ideal for small or flat bottoms? Skinny jeans, and slim straight jeans are perfect for you!

A large backside
Is your backside large and round and are you eager to make it the centre of attention? Or would you prefer to redirect the focus away from your bottom? The right pair of jeans is closer than you think:

By wearing dark, unicolour jeans your backside will draw less attention, so keep it simple. Pay extra attention to back pockets: when the pockets feature embellishments, they will draw attention. If you’d like your backside to be the centre of attention, pick a pair of jeans with stitching, a light wash or details on the back pockets.

When your backside is slightly larger, it’s important that your jeans aren’t too tight. Choose jeans with plenty of stretch. Your perfect jeans: bootcut jeans and straight leg jeans.

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