Toorallie remains an Australian owned and operated brand specialising in producing the highest quality merino apparel. The merino fibre remains the cornerstone of the brand and the life passion of everyone involved past and present.With the successful launch of Toorallie’s merino content denim, shirting, t-shirts and hosiery, Toorallie is now starting to fully realise the brands true potential. Toorallie today delivers its customers a head-to-toe merino wardrobe experience. No other brand in the world produces such a diverse range of apparel garments with merino at its core.

In the modern age of sustainable existence we at Toorallie consider the merino fibre and the garments it can product as more relevant than at any time since our forefathers established the breed. Wool is renewable, long lasting and insulating providing real benefits for its wearer and the world we all live in.Today the brand’s focus is to deliver the highest quality merino garments that are modern day, practical and simply fashionable, incorporating a merino yarn, which without exception, exceeds our customer expectation. We welcome you to enjoy the quality of Toorallie.

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