Ping Pong

Founded in 1984, Ping Pong is synonymous with premium quality directional knitwear. Fast forward two decades and although their heritage remains firmly rooted in this highly coveted knitwear offering, Ping Pong has evolved into a label that offers discerning women a fully coordinated wardrobe solution .This evolution has cultivated a loyal customer following who are confident that, whether they are in the Boardroom or their Beach House retreat, they are stylish and “put-together” in an effortless manner.

Proudly designed in Melbourne and Australian owned, at Ping Pong they extend their design vision beyond our shores, interpreting global trends and creating collections that are unique and modern while being unencumbered by fads. Each Ping Pong collection tells a story through a carefully curated colour palette, textural fibres, fine fabrics, exceptional fits and designs with inherent longevity. Particular emphasis is made with regards to fine tailoring, using luxurious natural fibres and yarns and providing a comfortable fit.

Within the Ping Pong collections every part of a woman’s fashion needs are catered for including work wear, casual & weekend wear, cocktail & special occasion and active wear with the newly launched sport luxe Activo range.

When you encounter a Ping Pong customer you ask yourself “How does she do it?” A Ping Pong woman always looks sophisticated and effortlessly stylish. She personifies an ageless and timeless fashion sensibility while being on-trend and modern.

Imagine a brand that is modern & sophisticated.

Imagine a brand that appeals to discerning women in their 30s, 40s and 50s and those who are “eternally 30”.

Imagine a brand that can dress a woman for each part of her day from sunrise when she walks her dog, through the day as she attends meetings and into the evening for a charity function.

Imagine a brand that allows a woman to create the perfect lifestyle, travel or leisure wardrobe.

Imagine a brand that is both on-trend and classically sophisticated.

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