Gabriella Frattini


At Gabriella Frattini, they have a love and dedication to creating fashion, designed for today’s sophisticated lady. Drawing influences from the latest and most fashion-forward European styles, we invent a range of truly unique clothes which accentuate the finest features of real women.

They have you specifically in mind when creating each new season’s styles. They know that you are confident, and are looking for one-of-a-kind, surprising and stylish clothes to reflect your own personality. Gabriella Frattini understand that whether you’re travelling the globe on business, or preparing to face your day head on at home, you need to maintain your classy and chic look. It’s no secret that your clothes and the way you carry yourself speaks volumes about you, and in terms of style, we have the same voice.

We have made a science out of defining the perfect cut to suit a range of classic body types. Each carefully placed stitch and flattering fitting is designed to accentuate shape, and hide any flaws. They are particularly proud of having created a range of what our clients call ‘the perfect pair of jeans’, which have delighted many thousands with their amazing fit and look.

European fashion from several of the continent’s regions such as Tuscany, the Mediterranean and Paris, to name a few, are all influential in our design process. Despite the difference in regions associated with these styles, their designers fuse their elements seamlessly by using natural fabrics, design elements and colours and exciting tones to make your ensemble say everything it needs to about you.

At Gabriella Frattini, they have never believed that a woman’s evolving style is ever really complete. Variety is most definitely the spice of life, and your attitude toward fashion is likely to change with you. So you can look forward to discovering how their range mixes and matches seamlessly together, giving you the option of showing off your inventive side, every day. And because we never stop thinking about your comfort, you will love the way our clothes feel almost as much as you’ll love the way they look.

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