Edwina Jordan

Edwina Jordan is an Adelaide based designer with over 35 years in the fashion industry. She has been influenced by the continual innovation shown by the worlds top designers and aims to bring this to customers through a diverse yet approachable range of scarves and accessories.

She began selling her own range in 2011 after many years as a brand representative and continues to strive to bring affordable and innovative pieces with a worldly influence to her customers.

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  1. Edwina Lucy Scarf
  2. Edwina Poppy Scarf
  3. Edwina Savannah Scarf
  4. Edwina Natalia Scarf
  5. Edwina Isabel Scarf
  6. Edwina Lacie Scarf
  7. Edwina Brigid Scarf
  8. Edwina Ornella Scarf
  9. Edwina Brooke Scarf
  10. Edwina Missie Scarf

15 Items(s)