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Welcome to Holiday Live everyday like a HOLIDAY …with their beautifully wistful and carefree lifestyle range…inspired by the relaxed Australian lifestyle. Designed in the quaint coastal village of Robe South Australia, each range is the result of a global journey…fossicking and discovering, sneaking down laneways to unearth hidden treasures, traipsing through colourful markets, …looking, listening and gathering - and finally blending beautiful fabrics and materials until the story of each piece is ready to be handed over to you. A fascinating patchwork of people contribute to our special collection. Village artisans with textile skills handed down through the generations, mothers and daughters stitching their garments together and then handing them back with love and pride. Leather workers who toil over their shoe and handbag designs to bring them to life - and whole communities who work side by side to bead and hand thread their unique jewellery. Life is an adventure…so explore your own personal and interior style…embrace the fine natural fibres, original blocked prints, hand blended colour palettes and chic Boho style. Celebrate life and make every day a HOLIDAY.